We are brand
coaches, therapists,
and clairvoyants

Forget the consumer research
you’re used to, just collecting data
and providing information.
To unravel the present and
master the future of brands effectively,
we have created proprietary
cutting edge methodologies, to craft
the deepest brand understanding
and design tailor-made solutions.



Marketers claim that
consumers are connected to
brands through values,
benefits, and nice storytelling.
We believe brand experience
must come first

People don’t buy brands. They buy the
experience brands are promising them.

The key issue is not to understand the
image a brand conveys, but to decode the
expectations this image arouses.

We approach brand experience as a pillar of
brand equity, standing for the ultimate
reason for preference and choice:
what a brand gives you, means to you
and makes for you.

Our brand management toolkit

  • Consumer insights

    Brand understanding starts from decoding consumer insights. Unmasking consumer’s imagery, wording and live experience, our Brand Voyager® approach takes you on a journey that leads to breakthrough insights.

  • Touch point evaluation

    Consumers are experiencing the world through more diverse touch points than ever before, that’s why our Copy clinics® method offers you an interactive, multi-media approach to communication to forecast consumer engagement.

  • Brand equity

    Traditional KPI’s  cannot measure the true strength of the brand.  Measuring the interaction of the key-dimensions, stature, image, and experience, our Brand Keystone® model, tested on more than 350 brands in 25 different countries, provides you a deep brand understanding and reveals how to nurture its value in perspective.

  • Strategic roadmap

    Our Brand Roadmap® program provides you strategic guidance through a custom made process (including creative workshops with stakeholders and experts) that will enable you to look toward the future, uncovering what will move your brand forward.



From web analytics to
web intelligence

The web is a transparent environment,
where everything is traceable,
identifiable, comparable.

However, this huge amount of data is
rarely understandable or actionable.

We provide you an Ariadne’s thread to
find your way out of the web maze.

Our approach to digital branding starts
where web analytics stops: our model
Webvoyant® allows to manage
digital activities, to understand
social relevance, web proposition,
and the potential to engage future
brand fans

Webvoyant®: our 4 e-s approach to web intelligence

  • Social media audit

    Uncovering web insights inside the vast array of social media rumors, buzz and chat is what our Brand e-valuator® provides, bringing you on a deep dive along social media conversation, enlightening your brand’s “word of mouse”.

  • Digital touch points

    Web analytics is not enough to understand how your brand works across the webscape. Through our Brand e-xperience® online forums, we provide a guided tour through your digital activities to detect internauts’ impressions, interaction and involvement.

  • Digital equity

    Digital revolution needs a change of perspective to approach brands. Our Brand e-quity® model is aimed to measure the digital value of your brand through its equity within the web and its offline effects.

  • Web intelligence

    Our Brand e-volution® consultancy program helps you to develop and fine tune the digital branding and architecture to strengthen relevance, salience and engagement of your web presence and activity.



We don’t know where
ideas and trends spring
from. But we are able to
catch, refine and make
them actionable

Managing the future is
a crucial competitive advantage to
support long-term appeal of brands.

We drive creativity:

  • involving trendsetters to cast a
    fresh look on emerging trends and
    lifestyles, imagining the most
    disruptive ideas
  • opening up the innovation process,
    brainstorming and leveraging
    ideas generation, in order to
    fine-tune, prioritize, and mobilize
    the most inspiring solutions.

How we face trends and innovation

  • Trend Lab

    If you want to identify the key trends and new lifestyles that affect your target group, our Trendvoyant® method is the recipe you are looking for: hunt down a group of young and creative talents, provide them with an online journal, guide their activity to keep it vibrant, use their creativity to meet and beat brand challenges.

  • Innovation Lab

    Managing innovation is a dynamic process that can be effectively ruled through a scientific proven approach. Through specific techniques which spur divergent thinking and kindle creativity, our Interactivator® program helps you to inspire, select and refine breakthrough ideas.