Brands’ role, meaning,
and relationship with
consumers deeply
evolved in recent

Social and cultural role of the brand
has changed over time, going through
different stages defined by varied
approaches, objectives and

  • 60's & 70's

    The golden age of The American Dream

    Marketing response

    Mass marketing
    nurtures and molds
    middle class

    Brand principles

    • yell & sell
    • mind share
    • usp
    • keeping up with the Joneses
  • 80's & 90's

    Triumph of unfettered capitalism, rise of narcissist culture and generation X

    Marketing response

    Intangibles take
    command in a
    fully branded

    Brand principles

    • seduction and symbolization
    • worlds of reference
    • brand stretching
    • lifestyle as the new social emblem
  • 2000's - today

    Globalization, middle class decline, and the web revolution

    Marketing response

    longtail and low
    cost: the rise of
    the e-generation

    Brand principles

    • proximity and engagement
    • touch points proliferation
    • social media and global networking
    • lifestyles and subcultures hybrid

The brands of the future and the
future of brands
according to Brandvoyant

A huge paradigm shift has occurred,
reshaping roles and rules for brands to
engage consumers.
To compete in the new environment a
brand needs to be more and more:

  • Bright

    Avoid clutter, complexity and ambiguity. Consumers don’t like to solve puzzles when choosing a brand. To be memorable, impressive, and brilliant, exploit clarity and cleanness above all.

  • Dazzling

    If your words don’t surprise you, they won’t surprise anyone else, so be sexy, alluring and inspiring, don’t look predictable, dull, boring, or stiff.

  • Malleable

    Upend your perceptions, don’t ask people to enter your world, but mould a world that fits their lifestyle and persona: brands that better understand people’s sensibilities are seen as better able to meet them.

  • Mesmeric

    Forge an emotional connection with people to let them put themselves into your work. If something moves you, chances are, it will touch someone else too.

  • Visionary

    The problem is what doesn’t go far enough. The hurdle every brand faces isn’t simply getting noticed, but being believed. Don’t confine yourself to satisfy but anticipate people’s needs, bringing them into the future.

  • Camouflaged

    Cultural vernacular, living context and sensibility are as important as yours, always be open to the input and imprint applied by the consumer to inflect your style according to different sensibilities.

  • Bricolage

    Evolve as a living pastiche, borrowing ideas, insights, inspirations, evidences from different sources to unveil unexpected horizons for growth.